Where do you source your fruits & vegetbles? And are they organic?

In order to provide you with a large assortment of fruits and vegetables, together with Rungis, we collabrate with a variety of different farmersĀ to get all products fresh in your kitchen. We discuss cultivation plans with some farmers, so that supply and demand match each other. Together we opt for the cultivation of special crops. This also creates an organic, adventurous and surprising range of products from Dutch soil.
Although we aim to source as much organic produce as we can, sometimes this is not possible. In some cases, we even prefer to work with small-scale farmers who have high quality produce, but no organic-certificate.

We would like to introduce you to our favorite organic growers:

Frank de Koning
Frank de Koning grows the tastiest tomato varieties from all over the world and super tasty strawberries, but there is moreā€¦. In his three greenhouses (8.5 ha in total) in Tinte and Rockanje, Frank grows organic tomatoes, peppers and aubergines. Tomatoes are definitely his specialty, including Wild Wonder tomatoes, a mix of ten different tomato varieties with special varieties from all over the world. Frank de Koning is a member of the Nautilus Organic cooperative, a growers association recognized by the European Union.

De Kleine Hoeve
City farm De Kleine Hoeve in Breda creates all kinds of very special and surprising crops. Crops that you rarely find on a farm, but that are so much fun to offer. A small selection: sea kale, palm cabbage, various types of lettuce (such as puntarelle), legume sprouts, broad bean tops, parsnips, red sprouts, red kale, rainbow ice cream and rainbow carrots.

Fruitteeltbedrijf de Ring
From early spring the bees are busy pollinating at the De Ring fruit farm in Oud-Sabbinge near Goes. That produces delicious, juicy summer fruit. They grow gooseberries, red, white and black currants, josta berries, blackberries, raspberries and plums on about 4 hectares. They also have many varieties of all those species. Fruit growing company De Rings is a member of the Nautilus Organic cooperative, a growers association recognized by the European Union.

The Waog
Horticultural company De Waog likes versatility and color. They specialize in colored crops and exceptional vegetables. De Waog focuses mainly on first cultivation.

Be-Leaf focuses on the cultivation of young leafy vegetables. Growing, cutting and packaging immediately. You don't get the lines shorter. As a result, Be-Leaf can supply those fresh, tasty lettuce varieties.

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