Frequently asked Questions

  • How can I pause or adjust my subscription?

    Please view the video below in order to get an overview of how to pause or adjust your subscription details. In case the video does not help you with what you are looking for, please contact us directly via the chat button on the bottom right corner on our homepage.
  • Can I add items to my existing order?

    Yes. Please create a second order with the items you would like to add. At Checkout, you can select the option to 'add items to your current order / subscription' to ensure you don't pay twice for delivery. Be aware, that this is only possible if you have an open order or subscription which is no...
  • What is the Farmed Rewards Club

    We have a Loyalty system for our community called Farmed Rewards Club. The Farmed Rewards Club can be opened by clicking the pop-up on the bottom left corner on our homepage. As soon as you created an account, you can start to collect loyalty points. Points can be collected by making purchases, r...
  • Can I refer a friend?

    Absolutely. For every friend you refer, your friend will get a 10€ discount on his/ her first order and you will get a 10€ discount for your next purchase (you will recieve 1000 Loyalty points to your Green Rewards Club account. These can be used to exchange them for a 10€ discount for your next ...
  • What is the Farmed Community Forum?

    We have created a forum for our community! Post and share your tips, tricks & experiences with our community! Ask anything you wish and feel free to create new topics. You can visit the forum by simply clicking on the link in the menu on top of our homepage.
  • Where do you source your fruits & vegetbles? And are they organic?

    In order to provide you with a large assortment of fruits and vegetables, together with Rungis, we collabrate with a variety of different farmers to get all products fresh in your kitchen. We discuss cultivation plans with some farmers, so that supply and demand match each other. Together we opt ...
  • How will my box be delivered?

    Your box will be delivered by our logistic partners Vers & Fijn and Foodlogica. They are last-mile delivery companies that focus on sustainable logistics.
  • What if I am not home during the delivery?

    In this case, your box will be given to a neighbour and you will be informed via a note in your postal box. In case it is not possible to give the box to a neighbour we will take it back to our warehouse and contact you for an alternative delivery option. If you are missing your box, please fee...
  • Can I give suggestions for items to be added to the webshop?

    Yes! We are happy to hear all your suggestions. Please send them directly to or send us a message via the button on the bottom of our homepage!
  • Why have I been charged twice although no order has arrived yet?

    Our Order Deadline is on Sunday evening. Most boxes then get delivered on Tuesday. This means, that in case you ordered on a Monday or Tuesday morning, you unfortunately have to wait 7-8 days for your order to arrive. In case you signed up for a subscription on a Monday or Tuesday, which automati...